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Experience the soft, glorious taste of aroma Paneer with its simple, fresh and versatile flavour lending taste in an assortment of recipes. Now bring home the ultimate Indian Cuisine favourite with Aroma Paneer.


NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 100 Gm of this product (Approx.)
Energy 298 K.Cal
Total Fat min 23.0 Gm
Saturated fat 13.8 Gm
Mono Saturated fat 8.3 Gm
Poly unsaturated fat 0.9 Gm
Carbohydrate 5.27 Gm
Protein 17.43 Gm
Vitamin A 507 IU
Calcium 0.57 Mg
Sodium 92.24 Mg
Available in
200 Gm 1 Kg
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