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Aroma Ghee

Brimming with good texture, flavour and taste, Aroma Ghee has the right consistency to please your taste buds. Rife with a uniform granular formation, Our Ghee is perfect for the India Palate in favourites like Biryani, Pongal, Dosa and Kesari Bath. Don`t miss out on this delicious ingredients in your cherished Mysore Pak, Halva and Ladoos.


NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 100 Ml of this product (Approx.)
Energy(kcal) 816 K.Cal
Fat(g) 99.7 Gm
Moisture Less than 0.3 Gm
Saturated fat 58.0 Gm
Cholesterol 0.19 Gm
Available in
Pouch Rs 5 and Rs. 10 Standy- 50 Ml 100 Ml 200 Ml
Pet Jars of 50 Ml 100 Ml 200 Ml 500 Ml 1 Ltr
Tins of 5 Ltr 15 Ltr 15 Kg - -
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